With a year’s worth of electric bills, we determined the size of the system.  We access and evaluate every aspect of the design before beginning.

We verify roof adequacy assessments, foundation design and carport design.  We look at the building and use our proprietary design software to come up with the absolute best solution, customized for each client.

Comprehensive DC and AC electrical system engineering, conductor optimization, and interconnection design is performed, and plans are drawn and signed.

As part of our services, we obtain all permits and necessary approvals from all agencieshaving jurisdiction over your property.

We begin with a thorough analysis of a year’s worth of electric bills, then apply our proprietary techniques and models to the design.  We aim to eliminate the entire bill, not merely offset the electrical usage. This seemingly unimportant difference between CitiGreen and the rest of the industry leads us to the processes we use to get more from less.

We strive to obtain the maximum income from every installed kW.

•    This maximizes the ROI for the project
•    This maximizes project value due to higher income
•    Time of use rates are always taken into account
•    Our analysis tools allow accurate forecasting of electricity bills after installation
•    Our installation techniques minimize shading effects and maximize output
•    Our monitoring converts all the generation and usage to dollar equivalents
•    Our O&M ensures maximum output is attained over time

“After searching for the right solar provider, we knew CitiGreen would be perfect for us when they were the only ones able to finance our project. They went above and beyond to be sure my family’s business could reap the benefits of going solar.”
-Gail Sparks

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